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Top 10 Most Influential Brands In Canada [Ipsos Reid] #FFWD2015

By Dave Forde / January 28, 2015

Like clock work, Steve Levy, Chief Operating Officer at Ipsos Reid Canada took the stage as part of the annual FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week to announced its annual, and once again Google took the top spot. Most Influential Brands in Canada 2014 Google Microsoft Facebook Apple YouTube Walmart Visa Tim Hortons Samsung *NEW to […]


Nominations Open For Canada’s First Annual Social Influencer Nation Awards

By Dave Forde / January 23, 2015

Nominations open today for Canada’s first annual Social Influencer Nation Awards. These nationwide awards will celebrate the best of Canadian Social Media Influencers, the Best Social Media Campaigns and voter’s favourite Social Media Tools. Winners will be announced at an awards gala in downtown Toronto this April 2015. “The entire team is excited about the […]


Event: Social Influencer Nation – Meet n’ Greet – Jan 29

By Dave Forde / January 5, 2015

From Ellen’s Oscar selfie, #BringBackOurGirls, Ice Bucket Challenge, World Cup, blog posts, content marketing, photos and videos of cats chasing lights, they have all filled our inboxes and phones during 2014, what a year! As we roll into 2015, Social Influencer Nation invites agencies, brands, influencers, marketers and anyone who wants to start 2015 off on the right […]


Dear Yahoo Canada, Your Brand Is In Trouble, The Streets Are Noticing

By Dave Forde / October 28, 2014

Over the years we have written about Yahoo Canada quite a bit and is miss-adventures in being a successful brand, to the point where we have been banned from their events – guess the truth hurts?  At one point they were the largest company on the Internet. Unfortunately, a number of mistakes and five CEO […]


FranWorks Reshifts Its Social Reach With Social Brand Amplifier

By Dave Forde / September 19, 2014

Earlier this week we told you about the latest product to from Toronto-based Reshift Media called Social Brand Amplifier, well it looks FranWorks Group of Companies has integrated the solution into their business.   FranWorks which owns and operates food brands such as Elephant & Castle, Original Joe’s, and State & Main locations across Canada […]


Are You Ready To “Experience DC?” College Rolls Out Its Biggest Recruitment Campaign

By Dave Forde / September 8, 2014

With the 2014-2015 academic year in full swing, Durham College (DC) recently launched its multi-platform Experience DC campaign – and this is most progressive marketing campaign in the college’s history to date. The campaign will run over the next year, and was to bring the college experience to prospective and current students; parents; teachers; and the community via […]


The Future Of Marketing In The Ancient Power Of Storytelling

By Paul Koidis Jr. / August 25, 2014

Guest Post: Paul Koidis Jr. he is an executive-level marketing advisor, development consultant, communications strategist, publicist, producer, agent and educator and Associate Dean, School of Media, Art and Design, Durham College.  You can connect with Paul on LinkedIn. “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” – David Bowie The stories we tell define us, and predict […]


The Downside To Tools Like Hubspot & Hootsuite

By Giles Crouch / August 21, 2014

Guest Post: Giles Crouch is one of Canada’s leading thinkers on issues relating to our digital world including social media and civil society. He brings 20 years experience in the technology industry, including co-founding two software companies; a .com and a Big Data analytics firm.  You can connect with Giles on LinkedIn or Twitter. You’ve spent a lot of time […]


Influencer Identification Template Helps Prioritize Outreach and Guide Strategy

By Ted Karczewski / August 15, 2014

Guest Post: Ted Karczewski.   He is the Marketing Content Specialist at Skyword and the Brand Editor of the Content Standard. You can connect with Ted on LinkedIn or Twitter.   There’s an evolution reverberating across the public relations industry. While some long-time executives refuse to innovate, marketers seek to redefine what PR means in the digital […]

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