#WeatherOrNot Cineplex Lightning Popcorn PicA few weeks ago we reported about the new summer campaign from Cineplex called #WeatherOrNot.  As the entertainment brand continues to shock Canadians with cool experiences they are now looking to help answer the age-old question, “What will happen when lightning strikes a giant bag of popcorn?” To answer this, Cineplex Entertainment built a lightning popcorn bag which is nearly 20 feet high and is rigged with a lightning rod in Windsor, Ontario.
As if that weren’t enough, Canadians can watch to see if lightning strikes and makes the popcorn ‘pop’ through a 24/7 ##WeatherOrNot livestream available at Cineplex.com/Popcorn!  Cineplex is also encouraging Canadians to visit the website to vote on ‘Weather or Not’ they think the popcorn will pop for a chance to enjoy a free Cineplex popcorn.

The #WeatherorNot campaign launched earlier this summer, includes a series of surprise and delight activations, rain or shine, designed to help Canadians across the country prioritize pleasure by making sure they don’t miss out on entertainment. A continuation of Cineplex’s new brand platform ‘See The Big Picture,’ the campaign kicked-off earlier this summer when crowds were surprised at popular beaches with free beach towels that resembled movie tickets that were redeemable for free movies. The campaign continued with a branded Yo-Yo’s truck that toured Ontario, cooling people down with movie-themed frozen yogurt combos.

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